If You Get an Expired Link Message  for eVoucher . . .  

If you have successfully entered your Single Login Profile information but cannot perform the final step to set your password because you are getting an expired link message, it could be due to waiting longer than 15 minutes to click on the link, double-clicking instead of single clicking on the link, performance of a security check on the link, or use of an older browser (IE Explorer 11 or earlier). Please take the following steps:

  • If using IE, change your default browser to Edge, Chrome, or Firefox before performing the following steps (If you wish, you can return your default browse to IE after you have successfully logged in.)
  • Wait 15 minutes.
  • Re-enter the email address used for the new single login profile and click Next. This action will send a new link via email.
  • Click on the new link once within 15 minutes. The system should direct you to a page to complete your Single Login Profile.
  • Enter and confirm your new password and click Next.
  • You will receive a message indicating you have successfully created your Single Login Profile.
  • If you still are having problems, send an email message requesting help to 4cca-cja@ca4.uscourts.gov.