Hourly and daily parking is available in downtown Richmond, VA.

arrow Map of Parking for Downtown Richmond (pdf)

arrow Chart of Parking Locations & Rates for Downtown Richmond (pdf)

List of Locations:
  • Bank of America Garage, 1111 E. Main Street, (enter from Cary Street between 10th & 12th)
  • James Center Deck Two, 1021 E. Cary Street - Two Cary Street, (enter from 10th Street between Cary and Canal)
  • Expressway Parking Deck, 901 E. Canal Street, (enter from 9th or 10th Street between Byrd and Canal)
  • 801 East Main Street Visitor Parking
  • St. Paul's Church, 111 N. 8th Street, between Grace and Franklin Streets
  • 112 N. 8th Street
  • 14th and Main Parking Lot
  • 14th and Cary Street, Parking Deck
  • 15th and Main Parking Lot
Links to parking deck Web sites: