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COVID Protocols for September 13-16, 2022, Richmond Argument Session

July 28, 2022
In-person oral arguments during the September 13-16, 2022, Richmond argument session will be conducted in accordance with the Powell Courthouse Entry and Oral Argument Protocol.

Certification of Compliance with Argument Protocol form is required from each person planning to attend oral argument, confirming that they will present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within the past 72 hours and comply with masking and social distancing requirements. 

No more than two people may appear for argument on behalf of each side, including in consolidated cases.  Any request for additional attendance by parties, media, or public should be submitted at least 14 days in advance of argument. The request may be made by filing a motion in the case or sending an email to The request should be accompanied by a completed  Certification of Compliance with Argument Protocol.

An audio live-stream will be available for all oral arguments from Listen links provided on each page of the oral argument calendar. The oral argument calendar will be updated at 8:00 a.m. each day with the identity of the oral argument panels.