Case Budgeting - Recent News

  • Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel Attorney Hourly Rate Increase.  Effective March 23, 2018, the hourly rate for court-appointed CJA panel attorneys has been increased from $132 to $140 an hour in non-capital cases and from $185 to $188 per hour in capital cases.
  • Mileage Rates.  Effective January 1, 2018, the following mileage reimbursement rates apply to judges, staff, and jurors using their privately owned automobiles, motorcycles and airplanes for official travel:

Automobiles:   $0.545 per mile
Motorcycles:   $0.515 per mile
Airplanes:        $1.21 per mile

  • Attorney Case Compensation Waivable Maximums (effective March 23, 2018)

For representations in which work is performed on or after March 23, 2018:


$10,900 for trial court level

$7,800 for appeal


$3,100 for trial court level

$7,800 for appeal

SRVs, Material Witness, Grand Jury Witness

$2,300 for trial court level

$2,300 for appeal

Non-capital post-conviction proceedings under 28 U.S.C. § 2241, § 2254 or §2255

$10,900 for trial court level

$7,800 for appeal