Case Budgeting

Courts encourage the use of Case Budgeting as a valuable tool to help appointed defense counsel in high cost CJA cases obtain the resources they need to provide quality representation at a reasonable cost.  The ultimate goal of Case Budgeting is cost effective, well managed, high quality representation that promotes and is consistent with the best practices of the legal profession.  Consulting with a CJA budgeting attorney at the onset of a large criminal case will help you to plan your overall strategy, identify and secure available resources early on, and make the most of those resources to represent your clients well.

Case Budgeting is recommended for all capital cases and CJA representations with the potential to become extraordinary in terms of cost.  (Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 7A, § 230.26.640.)  These cases include non-capital “mega cases” where expected attorney time exceeds 300 hours, or cases in which total expenditures, including attorney time and costs for service providers, exceed $42,000 for a single defendant.

Please contact Case Budgeting Attorney Larry Dash to discuss any case you believe may be eligible for Case Budgeting.

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Case Budgeting Attorney for the Fourth Circuit
Office of the Circuit Executive
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