Pay Filing Fee for Docketed Case

Docketing fees for cases that have already been assigned a Fourth Circuit case number may also be paid by credit card through CM/ECF.

  1. Turn off pop-up blockers in your browser.
  2. Log in to CM/ECF.
  3. Select Filing.
  4. Select File a Document.
  5. Enter the case number.
  6. Select Forms, Notices & Filing Fees from the left column.
  7. Select Pay original proceeding filing fee or Pay petition for review filing fee, as appropriate.
  8. Read the instructional text.
  9. Select the Filer.
  10. Select Pay Now.
    Pay Filing Fee
  11. The Initiate Payment window will open.
  12. Review the billing address, correct if needed. Enter the credit card details.
  13. Select Continue with Plastic Card Payment.
    Payment Information
  14. Review the Payment Summary information. Select Edit this information to make changes.
  15. Enter your email address for an email confirmation of the payment.
  16. Check the authorization box.
  17. Select Submit Payment.
    Payment Confirmation
  18. The System will process your request.
  19. The payment completion window will appear.
  20. Select "here" to print a receipt.
  21. Select Close Window to complete your transaction and return to CM/ECF.
    Complete Attorney Admission Payment
  22. Select Continue to finalize the CM/ECF transaction. NOTE: If you do not complete the CM/ECF transaction your payment will not be properly recorded.