eFiling (CM/ECF)


The judiciary's Case Management/Electronic Case Files system (CM/ECF) enables counsel to file documents electronically over the Internet 24 hours a day.  Use of CM/ECF in the Fourth Circuit is governed by Local Rule 25(a).

Fourth Circuit CM/ECF Unavailable from 6pm Thursday, November 9, 2017, until 8am, Monday, November 13, 2017

November 06, 2017

CM/ECF Filing for the Fourth Circuit will be unavailable from 6pm Thursday, November 9, 2017, until 8am Monday, November 13, 2017, for conversion to Next Gen CM/ECF.  Additionally, users will be unable to access Fourth Circuit PACER to view case dockets and documents during this outage.

Any filing deadlines that fall during the outage are extended to November 13, 2017. 

If you have an emergency filing during the outage, please contact Pat Connor at Pat_Connor@ca4.uscourts.gov.

Notice will be posted on November 13, 2017, when Next Gen CM/ECF is operational.  For information on Next Gen CM/ECF account requirements, see Upgrade a PACER Account.  Instructions for filing in Next Gen CM/ECF will be posted on the Court’s website on November 13, 2017.

Additional information regarding Next Gen CM/ECF in the Fourth Circuit is available at http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/caseinformationefiling/efiling_cm-ecf/cm-ecf-next-gen.

Fourth Circuit Attorneys

All documents are filed only in electronic form with the following exceptions:

  • Briefs and appendices must be filed in both electronic and paper form.
  • New cases (petitions for review, mandamus, or permission to appeal) are uploaded through the "Submit New Case" utility in CM/ECF or filed in paper form.
  • CJA and other financial vouchers are maintained as financial records and filed outside the CM/ECF system. See CJA eVoucher.
  • Completed PDF fillable forms must be locked or "flattened" prior to filing in CM/ECF. This prevents further editing of form information and ensures that form information can be viewed on all devices. Read How to Flatten PDF Forms.

Fourth Circuit Pro Se Litigants:

All documents are filed in paper form unless the pro se litigant moves for and is granted leave to file through CM/ECF. Instructions for Pro Se Filers can be found in the Required Steps for Registration as an ECF Filer.