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The Registration Wizard will guide you through the registration process.

If you wish to search for and view case information, select the (View) option. If you also wish to file documents, pay fees, or register for notice in cases of interest, select the (E-File and/or Attorney Admissions) option.

Registration Wizard


Login to PACER from the Fourth Circuit PACER-ECF Login page:


Retrieve Password and Update PACER Account Information

Go to PACER's Manage My Account page to retrieve your user name or password, update your information, or register for additional access.

Manage My Account

PACER Fee Schedule

The PACER Fee Schedule sets document access charges of $.10 per page, with a $3 upper limit for most documents.  The PACER Service Center bills users each quarter if quarterly charges exceed $15. There is no charge for quarterly usage of less than $15.


Visit PACER FAQs or the PACER Contact Us page.